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Aileron Publishing, LLC.
The Awakening of Ancient Echoes

About Us

We are an independent company dedicated to the re-discovery and publishing of ancient wisdom in all its various forms. Our products, whether our signature title, "The BAMBERG AFFAIR in THE ALL," or the soon to be released, "Arts & Crafts" section, present you with knowledge that was known in ancient times. Knowledge that regrettably, has been lost in the course of human events.

Our purpose is to recapture the "wisdom of the sages" and awaken the ancient voices that echo around us; wisdom that we feel will lead to a greater awareness of the world in which we live and effect positive change in your life.

We are headquartered in the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, a gorgeous two island nation in the Leeward Islands situated in the Caribbean Sea. We maintain printing and distribution agreements throughout North America to efficiently deliver our products to our customers worldwide. All orders are shipped from warehouses in the United States or Canada, depending on your location.